At iCandy beauty, we want you to absolutely LOVE your lash look. For first time lash girls, a free 45 minute touch up is included within five days of initial full set to change anything they’re unsure about or fix anything with lashes.   



One faux fur lash extension per one natural lash (ideal for clients with many natural lashes) Unlimited number of extensions applied, but fullness will depend on the natural lashes god gave ya. Any iCandy lash style can be created while still keeping things looking light.

Classic Full Set - 135 min $115 

Classic Fill - 60 min $90 // Classic Extra Fill - 90 min $65 // Classic Touch Up - 40 min $40


Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lashes and handmade volume fans. Light volume can create a similar look to the hybrid by using smaller handmade fans with a lash, lighter in diameter to create a fuller, natural lash for clients with sparse natural lashes. Also for any iCandy clients looking to ease into full volume lashes.

Hybrid/Lighter Full Set - 135 min $135

Hybrid/Lighter Fill- 60 min $55 // Hybrid/Lighter Extra Fill - 90 min $70 // Hybrid/Lighter Touch Up - 40 min $35


For clients who want a fuller lash line while still maintaining an everyday essential look. The artist uses handmade fans to create the perfect volume lash, tailored to each clients desired look/natural lashes. Fans are made with a lash lighter in diameter as to not weigh down or damage natural lash.

Full Volume Full Set - 150-175 min $150

Fill- 60-75 min $65 // Touch Up- 40 min $45 // Extra Fill- 90-115 min $80


XL Volume- For all iCandy drama queens out there looking for that extra bold lash line. An even lighter lash is used than with full volume to create more voluptuous fans while maintaining clients lash health.

Extra Large Volume Full Set - 180-195 min $180

Extra Large Volume Fill - 75-90 min $85 // Extra Fill - 105-120 min $100


Foreign Fill- $20 additional charge to 90 min. fill of your choice

Real Siberian Mink- $50 additional charge to full sets // $25 for fills.

Classic and volume available


For clients who want to achieve a more natural look. Lie back and relax as your lash artist applies silicon pads to protect the skin of your eyelids and then applies a solution on your lashes to make them reach sky-high .

Lash Lift - 60-75 min $75

We also have package deals!