Eyelash Extensions FAQ

How do I prepare for my appointment?

Prior to your appointment, try your best to arrive without any eye makeup, do not curl your lashes or wear mascara the day before and the day of your appointment. It will help minimize the cleanup time and more time for lashing.

Is it true eyelash extensions damage natural lashes?

Based on the growth cycle of eyelashes, when applying lashes, lash stylist are trained to look for adult lashes to attach the individual synthetic lashes. Young (baby) lashes are left to allow them to fully develop and when it comes times to re-lash, we have new strong lashes to bond to.Lash extensions will not cause your natural eyelashes to fall out. Remember that your natural lashes have their own life cycle of falling and growing – like the hair found elsewhere on your body. It’s hard to notice small lashes falling out, but when attached to a thicker, longer lash they become much more noticeable! Once the extensions are removed, your own eyes may appear smaller, your natural lashes, shorter and sparser because you’ve been accustomed to a full set of longer, thicker lashes.

How long will my appointment be?

The lash extension application can take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours, depending on the fullness of yournatural lashes. The normal human eye has 150-200 lashes per eye. Volume lashes take twice as long to apply the lashes. The more lashes that you have, the more extensions we can apply! This is a meticulous procedure that requires patience and concentration. Therefore, it is important not to rush the process so that you can leave with a perfect set of lashes! You will be relaxing with your eyes closed, and you will feel no pain as this is a non-invasive procedure. Many of our clients are so relaxed that they often fall asleep!

Is it safe?

The lashes are applied directly to the natural lash, never applied to the skin. The procedure is pain free and the extensions are feather light, so they will not pull your natural lashes out. We take extra care to make sure we cover each individual lash. We do not clump lashes together, apply them to the skin, or damage your natural lashes with an improper application. The eyes should always remain closed while receiving this proceedure.

Are there any health precautions to keep in mind?

An individual with any allergy to adhesives or cyanoacrylate adhesives.  An individual who has undergone chemotherapy over the last six months, or an individual who does not have natural eyelashes may not have Eyelash Extensions applied. Lashes that grow into the eye are not candidates for lash extensions either. If you suffer from an eye infection or a degenerative disease of the eye, we cannot apply lash extensions to your eyes. If your sleep on your face (stomach sleeper) you should not get eyelash extensions, you will continually end up rubbing them off in your pillow, and then be needing a full set at each fill appointment.

Eyelash Aftercare

How do I care for my lashes?

· Never allow shower water to beat directly on your extensions. Constant pressure on the extensions can cause them to "pop" off or wear off sooner than normal.

· Do not rub, pick, pull or twist your extensions.

· Do not sleep on your lashes. If you are a side sleeper, try and keep your lashes out of the pillow (sleeping on your side or your face creates wrinkles and lines on your face, in addition to ruining your lashes- incentive to Not sleep on your face).

· Gently comb the tips of your extensions with the spoolie brush provided as needed to straighten and "fluff" your extensions. Do not overcomb your extensions, or use the spoolie brush as you would with mascara.

· Never use mascara on your extensions, as this will shorten the lifespan of your extensions, cause clumping, and dissolve the adhesive. You can use mascara on your bottom lashes.

· Never use organic solvents or oil makeup removers on your extensions, as this will disolve the adhesive and ruin your extensions.

· Receive regular fills to maintain the fullness and natural look of your extensions.

· Cleanse your eyelash extensions several times per week, if not daily, with our Lash Cleanse Remove; a water-based non-irritating lash cleanser.


How long do eyelash extensions last? When should I make an appointment for a fill?

Your new lashes will last between 2 to 3 weeks depending on your skincare routine and your own natural lash life cycle. To maintain the full look of your lashes, it will require you to maintain refills every 2-3 weeks. We recommend getting refills every 2 to 4 weeks. If you wait too long your extensions will fall out and you will require a full set. Factors such as exposure to humidity, steam or touching your eyes a lot may cause the extensions to fall quicker. Refills can take from 45 - 60 minutes, depending on the state of your remaining lashes. A good sign of when you need a refill is when your extensions are 50%-60% gone.

How long before I can resume normal activities (ie. swimming, sex, working out)?

We recommend at least 24 hours before resuming normal activities that may cause sweating or may result in your lashes getting wet in any way!

Can I still wear makeup?

Yes, but most clients don't even feel the need to wear eye makeup...Just wake up and go! No more running, streaking, smudging, or flaking mascara. You can still use eyeliner and eye shadows as usual, as long as it is not waterproof or liquid, as these products will break down the adhesive.  Mascara is NOT recommended, as this will break down the adhesive, clump up the extensions and cause your extensions to come off earlier than expected. We carry a few different foam, or gel water-based makeup remover and cleansers which helps to remove irritating debris and keep you lash line clean and is perfectly safe for use around your extensions. We recommend that you use our cleanser with our fluffy brush to gently remove any makeup near your extensions so that you never have to rub your lashes as this will cause your lashes to come off early.