Detail 1

One faux fur lash extension per one natural lash (ideal for clients with many natural lashes) Unlimited number of extensions applied, but fullness will depend on the natural lashes god gave ya. Any iCandy lash style can be created while still keeping things looking light.

Classic Full Set - $115  (135 mins) Classic Fill - $55 (60 mins)

Extended Fill - $65 (90 mins) //Express Touch Up - $40 (40 mins)

Detail 2

Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic lashes and handmade volume fans. Light volume can create a similar look to the hybrid by using smaller handmade fans with a lash, lighter in diameter to create a fuller, natural lash for clients with sparse natural lashes. Also for any iCandy clients looking to ease into full volume lashes.

Hybrid/Light Volume Full Set - $135 (135 mins)

Hybrid/Light Vol. Fill- $60 (75 mins)

Extended Fill - $70 (90 mins) //Express Touch Up - $40 (40 mins)

Detail 3

For clients who want a fuller lash line while still maintaining an everyday essential look. The artist uses handmade fans to create the perfect volume lash, tailored to each clients desired look/natural lashes. Fans are made with a lash lighter in diameter as to not weigh down or damage natural lash.

Full Volume Full Set - $165 (145 mins)

Full Volume Fill- $70 (75 mins)

Vol. Extended Fill- $80 (90 mins) // Express Touch Up- $40 (40 mins)