what is reiki?

Administered by laying of the hands, Reiki is a Japanese technique that can generally aid in stress relief, mental clarity, and emotional healing. As Reiki healers, we channel “Universal Life Force Energy” and produce a flow of energy for healing purposes.

is it safe?

Yes! It is completely natural and if you opt-in to aromatherapy, I only use safe herbs and oils. It is available to everyone.

what does a reiki session feel like?

Similar to the setting of a massage, Reiki promotes an environment and feeling of deep relaxation. Nothing is required on your end except for a feeling of openness. At the end of the treatment, you should feel refreshed and calm.

how often should i receive reiki treatment?

Often, people feel better after just one session, I know I did! However, it works best with multiple sessions. We are peeling off layers and getting a bulk of the work done in the first session but for a sustaining feeling of well-being, I recommend a few sessions. I am here to work with you and we can decide on an amount that you are most comfortable with.

are there any side effects?

Most often, you will feel uplifted and calm. Sometimes we can uncover some other emotions. This is part of the healing journey. We are here to work with you and I have gone through, and am still going through, a healing journey myself. Sometimes, healing can feel overwhelming at first but really helps us feel better overall!