We are not talking MJ results either.. So many people suffer from all ranges of discoloration in intimate areas, and just as many people find it less than desirable... Our "brightening" procedure provides a safe and easy way to lighten your skin and make you feel sexy all over.

Our advanced, body loving formula is all-natural and does NOT contain harsh chemicals found in other lighteners! Instead, we feature gentle lightening agents that won't irritate or have dangerous side effects. You will walk in and out of your appointment with no discomfort or sensitivity.


When was the last time you took a mirror and looked down there? If it’s been a while, you should consider looking soon before it begins to look foreign and unrecognizable! Time happens and so does skin darkening and discoloration, mostly due to our crazy hormones. Anal Bleaching is a treatment for the discolouration on the anus and butt crack.

$55 - $95 Bikini & Anal Combo

$15 Sugar add-on


Embarrassing or unsightly dark underarms? You are not alone - but we have the solution. Lighten those dark areas today and worry no more!


$15 Sugar add-on

$20 To upgrade to the deluxe detox package

If you are embarrassed of the discolouration in your intimate area such as the bikini sides you are not alone. Worry no more about those dark spots showing in your bikini. Let us help! This vaginal bleaching treatment is for the front labia and bikini/line area.

$55 - $95 Bikini & Anal Combo

$30 Full Brazilian Sugaring add-on / $25 with a strip


SUGARING is highly recommended prior to each of these services. Being a deep exfoliation, this will actually help to kick start the lightening process and could enhance your results by 1-3 shades. and can be done immediately before the treatment. Areas might lighten all over or in certain areas – results vary person to person.

We highly recommend purchasing the home care system to see amazing results in 2-6 weeks, and continued results for months after.